A marketplace connecting chicken meat buyers and suppliers to facilitate spot market transactions.


Simplify Negotiations

No more phone tag, the marketplace makes it easy to do business directly.


Save Time

Rescue a few hours each week by going directly to a central marketplace. No more chasing people down.


Reach More

You have 2 minutes. Call 1 person & leave a voicemail... OR instantly reach the vast network of The Poultry Exchange.


Are you a commercial buyer who frequently purchases full truck loads of fresh or frozen chicken?

We provide four key features for our Buyers

You’re a commercial buyer who frequently purchases full truck loads of fresh or frozen chicken/ The Poultry Exchange gives you a platform where you can; place a direct order to a vast network of suppliers, bid in our marketplace and negotiate the right price, or request a produt from our suppliers to get exactly what you’re looking for. You never have to waste hours on call after call to find the best deal for your buesiness.

Buy it Now

Place a Bid

Request a Specific Product

Best Offer


Are you responsible for sales of fresh or frozen chicken to wholesale buyers?

We provide three key features for our Suppliers

You’re a commercial supplier of fresh or frozen chicken looking to sell on the wholesale SPOT market. The Poultry Exchange offers an open exchange where our vast network of buyers can bid for your product, a closed exchange where you can sell directly to the perfect buyer while negotiating price and you can respond to buyers requests for specific products.

Open Exchange

Closed Exhange

Respond to Buyers’ Requests

We help more than 20 plants in 24 states who move 10+ million pounds of chicken each week!


There are 3 Ways to use The Poultry Exchange

Product Request Buyer creates

Buyers submit a request for product that goes directly to all suppliers in The Poultry Exchange. Suppliers make private and direct offers.

Best Offer Supplier creates

Suppliers create a listing for available product without a starting price. Buyers make private & direct offers.

Auction Supplier creates

Suppliers create a listing for available product and set the starting price. Buyers place bids.


Market Report - Coming Soon

The Poultry Exchange Advantages

  • Real-time aggregated price reporting
  • Based on verified transactions
  • Robust market participation

Buyer Pricing

Membership Features

  • Access available product from suppliers.
  • Make unlimited offers on supplier listings.
  • Create unlimited product requests.



Per Month
Per User
Buy 3 loads and it’s free



Per Month
Buy 10 loads and it’s free
*After your free trial, continue leveraging The Poultry Exchange network with annual billing.

Supplier Pricing

Membership Features

  • Sell direct by accessing live product requests from buyers.
  • Create auction listings.
  • Create best offer listings.
  • Free access as a buyer.

1-2 Plants


+1% Commission

3-4 Plants


+1% Commission

5+ Plants


+1% Commission
*Non-members can create 1 off listings for a $200 listing fee + 1% commission
*After your free trial, continue leveraging The Poultry Exchange network with bi-annual billing.

See what our customers have to say...

“Commodity sales are not our most profitable business. Why would we spend any more time than we have to?”
“Even the most seasoned industry veteran doesn’t know more than 30% of buyers, we want to be able to reach more buyers in less time and expand our customer base.”
“Instead of chasing suppliers down and getting the runaround over the phone, we want to go to one place when we need product. This is an efficient way to find product, then buy it in minutes not hours.”

Our team is always here to support you!

Dao Placeholder Janette Joey Joanna

Joanna King

Customer Excellence Manager

Joanna is a believer in agricultural innovation. She is committed to helping users in The Poultry Exchange exceed their supply chain goals.

Joey Knecht

Product Design

Joey is highly driven and passionate as he helps validate, launch and grow business-to-business software as a service (B2B SAAS) based businesses.

Janette Barnard

Founder & CEO

Janette is passionate about solving problems in agriculture that make markets and supply chains more efficient.

Paul Carter


Paul has a strong track record of executive management and leadership across the chicken industry. He brings industry wisdom, market insight, and great optimism to the table.

Dao Pham

Product Manager

Dao drives operational excellence as she oversees & manages software product development milestones, stakeholders’ expectations & product deliveries.

Ready to see more?

Join more than 20 plants who use The Poultry Exchange as a tool to sell 10+ million pounds per week!

  • Simplify negotiations. No more phone tag.
  • Save Time. No more chasing people down.
  • Reach More. No need to limit your contacts to the ones you have time to manage.
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