HIRING: Experienced Salesperson

Sales Job Description  The purpose of this role is to sell software subscriptions to poultry buyers such as further processors and distributors. This role will be ~60/40% mix of inside/outside sales. Competitive base salary plus strong incentive opportunities tied to clear performance...

PODCAST: Modernizing Markets with Grainster CEO Layne Fortenberry

Listen to the podcast. Our guest this week is Layne Fortenberry, CEO of Grainster, a robust cash grain marketplace that features several cutting edge components including a digital currency system, a logistics solution, and a food traceability program. Layne discusses the how innovation in...

PODCAST: 3 Ways to Develop Talent with Melissa Ortiz

Listen to podcast. Planning for the future of the industry includes developing strategies for talent management. As the industry transforms, attracting and developing top talent into leaders will be critical. Join our discussion with guest Melissa Ortiz, who shares actionable insights based on...

PODCAST: An Upstart Business Model with Jefferson Heatwole

Listen to podcast. Our guest this week is Jefferson Heatwole, EVP of Sales & Marketing at Shenandoah Valley Organic, a startup producing organic chicken for retail consumers. Listen in to hear what makes this company so innovative and how they’ve found their niche in an industry where...

Can we stop with the price fixing talk in chicken and work on the real problem?

(Click here to view this article originally published on Meatingplace.) Yes, suppliers are highly consolidated and buyers are highly fragmented. Yes, suppliers hold the power. But if processors were building their company strategies on manipulating commodity markets, well, they wouldn’t be...

PODCAST: Supply Chain Optimization with Bill Rupp

Listen to podcast. Bill Rupp, former President of Cargill Beef and JBS Beef, identifies complexities in the beef business and ways to optimize supply chains. In this episode, you’ll learn: What makes the beef business interesting and unique from other industriesThe importance of price...

PODCAST: The Price Discovery Paradox with Tom Elam

Listen to podcast. Dr. Tom Elam joins us today to share his insight on the future of the animal protein markets – specifically the poultry sector. He also shares why he believes the poultry industry has grown significantly over the last 60 years and what innovative ideas we may see in 2017. Dr....

3 Questions To Ask About Your Price Benchmark

2017 kicked off with a bang as the GPPI plan rolled out this week. In conversations across the industry, many participants say pricing is based on one benchmark or another because “that’s the way we’ve always done it, so it must be reliable.”  (RIP, Georgia Dock...) With chicken pricing under...

1950 called and wants its price benchmarking practices back.

The poultry industry is making headlines, but not for intended reasons: Evidence of Chicken Price Manipulation: The Curious Case of the Georgia DockYou Might Be Paying Too Much For ChickenChicken Price Report Halted Amid Scrutiny Behind these titles that reek of distrust and suspicion,...

4 Reasons the Animal Protein Sector is Ripe for Technology Disruption

Click here to view this blog as published via AgFunder.  Editor’s Note: Janette Barnard is founder and CEO of The Poultry Exchange, an online marketplace for the chicken meat market, which recently raised a seed round of funding.  Here Barnard asks why the animal protein sector has not attracted...

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